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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Difference kinds of intelligence

what does "intelligence" mean to you ? intelligence is sometimes measured by a person's IQ (Intelligence Quotient) which can be obtained through a series of tests. the higher you IQ, the brighter you are. tests that measure a person's IQ often consist of a seris of logical problems, like this one
What is the next letter in the sequence? O,T,T,F,F,S,S,E,,,
but some people argue that this isn't the whole story. what about a person who can't answer the above question., but who shines at languages? or someone who is terrible at maths but who is brilliant at music? are these people dull because the aren't logical? surely we must consider these people intelligence as well. in the 1980s, howard gardner wrote frame of mind in which he put forward his theory of multiple intelligence. according to gardner, there are seven different ways to measure intellectual ability.

linguistic intelligence
people who have linguistic intelligence think in words rather than pictures. they have good listening skills  and often oushine others in learning a language. they can be dazzling speakers.

visual/spatial intelligence
people who have visual/ spatial intelligence think in pictures and have a developed ability to visualize things. they are often good at directions. maps and manipulating images. they can be good designers

logical/mathematical intelligence
people with this intelligence are good at logic and maths and use reason. they are often curious about hte world around them and like to make connections between things. they like to do experiments.

bodily/kinesthetic intelligence
this refers to the ability to control body movements and handle objects with skill. people with this intelligence often have a good sense of balance and eye-hand coordination

musical intelligence
people who have musical intelligence think in sounds, rhythms and patterns. they immediately respond to music either appreciating or criticizing  what they hear. they might get flashes of inspiration listening to different kinds of music.

interpersonal intelligence
this refers to the ability to relate to others., interpersonally bright people sometimes have the ability to detect other people's feelings and motivations. they are great organizers, but can sometimes manipulate people. they often try to keep the peace and encourage cooperation in groups.

intrapersonal intelligence
people who have this intelligence understand themselves and the reason that they do things. they know their strengths and weaknesses and can act on these